Rabbit recipe with traditional garlic

Lovers of garlic-rich preparations will try paradise with this recipe: a delicious rabbit with garlic, which we will explain step by step, so that their preparation is very easy.

Recipe Rabbit with garlic

As always, I recommend that you leave the butcher the task of chopping the rabbit. If you do not have one that can help you with this work, we leave you a link that may be useful: how to cut a rabbit.

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Traditional rabbit recipe with garlic

Cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, a garlic rabbit worthy of a grandmother's kitchen, and delicious as to suck your fingers.If you are lucky that your butcher is in charge, then great. If not, this will give us some work at home.
  • Then let's add salt and pepper the pieces of rabbit, to taste. I like that the rabbit is very well seasoned, so I pay special attention to rotate the pieces, so that they are salted on all sides.
  • Now we will take care of the garlic, to make it ready and use it later. We are going to peel all the cloves of the two heads of garlic. Then, we will take the teeth of a head and chop them into very small pieces.
  • We are going to crush the rest of the cloves of garlic, or to pass them by a mortar. At the moment, we will reserve the prepared garlic in both ways.
  • The next step will be Heat a stream of oil in a pan, to brown the rabbit pieces. You will have to rotate them so that they cook on all sides, and fry them until they take a nice golden color. This should take 20 minutes or less, considering all the pieces of the rabbit.
  • We will go removing the pieces, already fried, from the pan. It is very likely that we have to do the frying in parts. In the end, we will not turn off the oil, but we will reuse it to cook the garlic that we have chopped into pieces. If the oil in the pan is too much, we will drain a part to only leave the equivalent of half a cup.
  • We will cook the garlic over medium-low heat, to make sure that the pieces do not burn. Once the pieces of garlic are delicately browned, turn off the pan and reserve, even in the oil.
  • Do you remember the rest of the garlic, which we had already crushed? Well now we will take care of them, and mix them with some spices: a touch of salt, another of pepper, rosemary, bay leaf and also the juice of half a lemon. In the case of herbs, it is best to mix everything in a mortar or in a grinder, to also chop the herbs. If we do not have this resource, it is best to chop the herbs very finely, before mixing them.
  • Once obtained a paste with the previous ingredients, we will add it to the pan with the fried garlic, on again. Add the wine, and mix well, to let it cook for a few minutes.
  • Now we will return the rabbit to the pan, we will mix everything again so that the sauce and the meat are well integrated. We will leave the rabbit cooking for another 20 minutes, so that it is hot again and the meat is at its point. Take into account that you do not have to cover the pot in these last stages of cooking. The idea is to evaporate the alcohol and the sauce to take an unctuous consistency.
  • As always, before serving the dish, try the sauce to check the seasoning, and correct it, if necessary.
  • Done.With this, you will avoid that the dish takes a bitter taste.
  • When choosing the wine, you can lean for a Chardonnay or a white Sauvignon. If you use Chamomile, the result will also be delicious.
  • With what to accompany the rabbit with garlic?

    Any recipe for baked potatoes will come in handy for this rabbit.

    It is also delicious with white rice, and of course, always a fresh salad is a good companion.

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